9/13 Pre-EXCOM Informational/Training Meeting Presented by NC Victory Committee

9/13 Pre-EXCOM  “boots on the ground” meeting to be held before the actual party meeting at 6pm.  This will be an informational/training meeting presented by NC Victory Committee personal.  Precinct Chairman and officers are requested to come to this very important meeting, especially if you have a smart phone.   You will learn about a smart phone app that has been designed by the RNC and has been proven to work to identify potential homes that have a statistical relationship to registering people to vote and to motivate them to come out and vote.  It is a tried and proven software application what works.  If you are serious in getting out the vote and registering people to vote, please come to this important meeting.  The goal is for people to go out into their precincts controlled by the proven app.  It is going out all over NC.  If you are interested in volunteering for something like this, PLEASE COME, even if it’s your first time being a volunteer!

Two Great Speakers This Coming Tuesday

8/23 Men’s Club meeting at AJ’s Steakhouse in Lenoir at 7pm.  Guest speaker will be Retired Navel Jag Officer Don Brown.  He is a renown novelist who has #1 best sellers on the subject of Benghazi and Extortion 17.  This is open for all Republicans.  Please look up his website www.donbrownbooks.com Learn about what exactly is going on in our military over the past several years. .

8/23  Women’s Club meeting is at Bud’s Diner in Lenoir at 7pm.  Guest speaker is:  North Carolina Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry.  All Republican’s are invited to attend.