Nov. 8th Precinct Volunteers Needed

If you ever wanted to make a difference and be involved, volunteering to hand out our Republican Party Voter Guides at a Precinct on Nov. 8th is a great way.  We have 21 precincts in Caldwell County and we are trying to have at least 3 people at each location handing them out.  The issue is that there is no straight party voting so each person needs to know who the judges are and who are the Republican party candidates.  I can’t even imagine what will happen to our great state of North Carolina if Bob Edmonds is replaced by another liberal Democrat.  That bathroom bill possibly will become law of our State for one thing.  Never will we see voter ID.  Please contact Steve Bogdan to volunteer to help out on Nov. 8th.  Any hours between 6:30am until 7:30pm will help so others working can take a break.  Party after 7:30 at our headquarters.

For more information call the GOP at 828-758-4460

Email the CCRP at