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2015-2017 President:  Pete McIllwain


For more information call the GOP at 828-758-4460

Email the CCRP at

Mailing Address:  PO Box 2368, Lenoir, NC  28645

32 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Looking forward to the information this site will provide. It looks very professional. You all did a great job creating this format.

  2. Steve, this is the BEST GOP Website I have ever seen. I think you and your “friends” need to think about going into the business. Caldwell County is truly “GOP Country” and we are lucky and fortunate you are a true Republican willing to share your talents with us. Thanks again for a job of excellence! Jo

  3. Hopefully, everyone who’s signed up will receive and email about the Caldwell County convention on Saturday, March 14. Thanks Steve.

    1. Thank you Jo. It was a pleasure working along side you these past two years. See you at the Lincoln Reagan dinner.

  4. I met Steve and Ed today while in the parking lot after I voted.
    They’re great guys and I think this could be the start of a very CONSERVATIVE relationship/friendship. Caldwell county needs people like them

  5. I recently moved to Caldwell county and was pleased to see a Republican office in Lenoir. I found your website and look forward to attending my first women’s meeting this coming Tuesday at Bud’s Diner.

    1. Hi Linda,
      FYI, we do not have meetings during the month of July or December. But our regular meetings will start up again next month. I’m sure the girls will love to meet you at their next meeting which will be at Bud’s Diner on August 23rd at 7pm or come before for a Dutch treat dinner. Our next Caldwell County Republican Party meeting will be at our headquarters at 813 West Ave. downtown Lenoir at 7pm. Please come if you can, we would love to meet you. Thanks for being a Republican.
      Steve Bogdan 2nd Vice Chairman

  6. Got subscribed to the site and thank your for the information Steve Bogdan. It was a pleasure to talk to you on the phone and get the information you gave me. I do hope that I will be able to attend some of these meetings you mentioned. Glad to be a proud informed Republican and voting for Trump.

    1. Welcome aboard Sandra! I’ll look forward to meeting you. Lets make America Great Again! Together!
      Steve Bogdan
      2nd Vice Chairman of the Caldwell Co GOP

  7. There ought to be days and times when the headquarter office is open. If I missed it here, someone please let me know where such a page is.

    1. Thanks for your interest in Caldwell Co. GOP. Right now, we are not having our HQ open on a regular schedule. It takes a lot of man hours and many volunteers to do that besides the cost of electricity to continually hold it open. Right now, we are concentrating the times we hold it open depending on, the best bang for our buck. For instance, we held it open from 4pm until 7pm last Sat. on April 1st due to the fact that it was Cruise in night with the car rally. It was packed with people outside and a lot of people walking around. We, who volunteered to help man our HQ’s, made popcorn and gave out some coffee and soda’s for those who came in to talk with us. We put our Donald Trump cardboard cutout in the entry (both doors wide open) way so people would be enticed to walk on in and have a photo op with Trump. That works nicely and is a lot of fun. We probably got about 30 people to come in and talk with us and get their pictures taken with Trump on their cell phones. So, any of the busy days or nights we just do an impromptu opening but I do advertise that opening by either sending it out via our subscribers on our website and on our Facebook group. When we get closer to an election, we will set hours and times we will be open. If you have not subscribed to our website yet, please consider doing that. The subscription spot is on the homepage on the right hand side of the page. You will get any posts sent to your email that way and you will be connected to our party. Let me know if you are willing to volunteer for us? Thanks for being a Republican and pray for Trump. God bless, sincerely, Steve Bogdan 2nd Vice Chair of Caldwell Co. GOP.

  8. Is Caldwell Republican doing anything special for the swearing in of the new President and Vice President of the USA. All I see is a big fat NO, but I’ll be having a party of my own, thanks to Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence. GOODBYE OBAMA!!!! You have done nothing good for this country . All you have done is make it a laughing stock and something to be ashamed of. I can finally hold my head high a say I’m American and not have to defend myself!!!!! I hate you and don’t let the White House door hit your “wife’s” ass as you exit!!! Oh and so more good advice, keep in your hide-dy hole while you are out of office. I’m so glad to see you go!!!!!

    1. Hi Holly,
      I just now noticed your post. I can see that you have a lot of compassion for what is going on. I’m sorry I just now saw this comment. We did have a luncheon at AJ’s steakhouse to watch the Trump inauguration. I didn’t post it on the website but did on our facebook wall. Please ask to subscribe to our official republican party’s facebook group. It also looks like you may not receive notices from our website when posted due to not re-confirming your subscription. The notices might have gone into spam. I just now posted the Women’s Club and Men’s Club meetings. Let me know if you got them. If not try subscribing again. Thanks

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